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#AskMastodon: What was *your* reason you've gone to #Mastodon (or the #fediverse) instead of just Birdsite?


Content warning: yak shaving within

#AskMastodon Anyone knows if there is a way to isolate the "Look Inside" widget that we have on the Mastodon About page? I'm looking for a way to show the latest toots from a particular instance in a "fullscreen" page. Something like #TweetWall but more like #TootWall, if that makes sense.

Ok, the couchdb plan has just failed. I need to regroup.

Suppose I want an application synching data between applications that may be visible on the same network, what kind of db synching mechanism can I use?

Being eventually consistent would be ok...

#askMastodon #askFediverse #database #synching #offlinefirst #isanyonepayingattenion #omgicannotstop

so...@kara has asked this question three times now on Twitter and gotten not a breath of response, so I thought maybe I'd try here instead.

(a) what is the easiest way to write a Twitter bot? has it been made painless? (and can I do it without touching Python)

(b) is there any _point_ in writing a Twitter bot? is Twitter killing them off?

#askmastodon #askfediverse #programmeing

Hey, have any one of you in Mastodon land had a good experience with a cross-platform Lua GUI framework? I'm not looking for LMGTFY, looking for a review of something you have used in real life.


I'm looking for a nicely designed aluminium laptop stand (13") with integrated cooling fan. Any tips?

#askmastodon #laptop #cooling #stand

so, anyone in WA ever dealt with wrongful termination shit? the foreman actually brought up my refusal to drive forklift uncertified, which I think makes it pretty clear


what are people using for RSS these days? I've had a couple suggestions made to me in the past... one called akregator or something like that?

#askmastodon #rss