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Beiträge die mit fediverse getaggt sind

Gibt's im #Fediverse eigentlich nette (single) Damen so um die 26? ^^

...also sowas zu fragen ist schon echt peinlich :D


Ok, #fediverse explain #business 'logic' to me: When a project is short on man power and is bug ridden, why does management call for more meetings?

I cannot wrap my head around it but the customer is doing this in a downward spiral and it's like watching a train wreck happening in slowmo....

Help wanted / Bitte um Hilfe

(english) I try to create an overview of the features of the different federated platforms and which communication protocols they are capable of. Or add another platform (with sources) that can "speak" the communication protocol that is mentioned on the sheet. Once it's finished it will be available for everybody.

(deutsch) Ich versuche eine Übersicht von Featuren der verschiedenen föderierten Plattformen zund deren verfügbare Kommunikationsprotokolle zu erstellen. Oder fügt eine Plattform (mit Quellen) hinzu, die hier nicht aufgeführt ist, die die entsprechenden Kommunikationsprotokolle "spricht". Wenn es dann fertig ist, stelle ich es natürlich allen zur Verfügung.

Please comment like (use the green fields) / Bitte folgendermaßen kommentieren (die grünen Felder benutzen)



#help #hilfe #federation #fediverse #friendica #mastodon #pleroma #socialhome #ganggo #Misskey #Gnusocial #Funkwhale #Peertube #pixelfed #hubzilla #Osada #Mediagobblin #nextcloud #plume #postactiv #prismo #wordpress #WriteFreely #Statusnet #Diaspora


ActivityPub actor importer from centralized non-ActivityPub social networks to ActivityPub capable ones

#Fediverse #ActivityPub #Bridge #GatedCommunity #import

Hey Friendica users!

The android app Fedilab now supports Friendica accounts:

It's available from F-Droid and Google Play, links on the official site.

You can follow Fedilab on the ActivityPub Fediverse at

Fedilab also supports Mastodon, Pleroma and PeerTube accounts. You can manage many accounts at once from the same app.

#Friendica #Fedilab #Fediverse

Ein empfehlenswerter (englischer) Vortrag, warum man seine Daten nicht in die diversen Clouds hochladen, gleichbedeutend mit seine Daten nicht in fremde Hände geben sollte unter den Aspekten #Sicherheit, #Dezentralität und "was früher legal war, kann morgen illegal sein und dann hast du dich einem Fremden ausgeliefert".

Das gilt übrigens für alles "wo man seine Daten hoch lädt", das einem nicht selbst gehört.

A private cloud for everyone - Why and how Nextcloud builds a private cloud software
#Privacy #DecentraliceIT #Nextcloud #Gesellschaft #Privatsphäre #Fediverse #Federation

Hello #fediverse, @eastvillen is now liberated from #birdsite. Reinforce the wisdom of this decision by helping me welcome this wanna-be techie with numerous interests. Introduction for boosting is here:

@Hughenknubbel da würde ich nicht drauf Spekulieren, aber es wäre schön wenn es zumindest in dem Segment auch Alternativen gäbe und nicht ein Platzhirsch diesen Posten alleine im #Fediverse abdeckt.


Diese Zahlen präsentieren dem Teil des föderalen sozialen Netzwerks, mit dem dein Friendica Knoten in irgendeiner Weise in Kontakt steht.

Momentan kennt dieser Knoten 4.275 Knoten mit insgesamt 2.634.853 registrierten Nutzern, die die folgenden Plattformen verwenden:

#Friendica (371/14353)
#diaspora (305/677414)
#red (8/92)
#hubzilla (264/7471)
#GNUSocial (141/4497)
#StatusNet (9/82)
#Mastodon (2722/1910499)
#Pleroma (450/19317)
#socialhome (3/906)
#ganggo (2/222)

#federation #fediverse #WeAreFamily

Calling all #Fediverse admins of instances in the #EU. The #CopyrightDirective is coming, we need to show the MEPs how massively the EU Internets will be affected.

We are preparing a list of all EU-based #Pleroma, #Mastodon, #GNUSocial, #Peertube, #Funkwhale, and any other instances.

Please *contact me*. All I need is the domain name, which EU Member State it's located in, and the rough topic of the instance. Approximate user count welcome, but not necessary.

Please help. This is important.

Wer hat Lust mal #Friendica zu testen?

Was ist Friendica?
- Eines der ältesten dezentralen sozialen Netzwerksysteme, etwa so alt wie #Diaspora.
- Kann kommunizieren mit #Mastodon, #Diaspora und anderen kompatiblen Netzwerken.
- Teil des #Fediverse.

Meldet euch auf meinem Server an und probiert es aus.

So ein offenes und werbefreies Netzwerk gibt es mit dem Fediverse doch schon längst, aber das ist leider noch längst nicht bekannt genug.


#AskMastodon: What was *your* reason you've gone to #Mastodon (or the #fediverse) instead of just Birdsite?

Hey #GNUSocial citizens, Mastodonians and others! Tens of millions of Nextcloud users spread over several 100K's servers can join the #fediverse in just one click!

Help test, improve and join the global social network!
#mastodon #selfhosting #federation

#fediverse #SocialNetwork #DecentralizeIT
Hey #GNUSocial citizens, Mastodonians and others! Tens of millions of Nextcloud users spread over several 100K's servers can join the #fediverse in just one click!

Help test, improve and join the global social network!
#mastodon #selfhosting #federation

Friendica Federation/Fediverse Statistic

Momentan kennt dieser Knoten 4.226 Knoten mit insgesamt 2.558.623 registrierten Nutzern, die die folgenden Plattformen verwenden:

#Friendica (375/14255)
#diaspora (305/672293)
#red (8/92)
#hubzilla (255/6495)
#GNU Social (142/13119)
#StatusNet (9/81)
#Mastodon (2704/1829557)
#Pleroma (421/21609)
#socialhome (4/906)
#ganggo (3/216)

#Federation #Statistic #Fediverse #WeAreFamily #JoinFediverse

#Funkwhale 0.18 “Naomi” is out!

And it's huge (check out the changelog if you don't trust me ;)

This release is dedicated to Naomi, an early contributor and beta tester of Funkwhale. Her positivity, love and support have been incredibly helpful and helped shape the project as you can enjoy it today. Thank you so much Naomi <3

#Fediverse #Federation #Audio #Sound #Funkwhale

@tomasino @gcupc hey y'all just stumbled upon this thread when looking for something else.

I think the one you're talking about is here:

Thanks @sexybiggetje

Allright, Funkwhale 0.18 will be released tomorrow afternoon. We're on schedule, and I plan to stream on during the day, like I did for the 0.17 release.

#Translations will be freezed tomorrow morning.

See you tomorrow!

#Funkwhale #Fediverse #Audio #Sound @Klangwerk

Liebe Leute, liebes #fediverse,
ich möchte laufen und meine Strecke via GPS offline, nur für mich, festhalten. Gibt es da eine passende APP aus dem #fdroid Appstore? Habt ihr Erfahrungen?


Hey everybody, dear fediverse,
I would like to record my running distance via an app from fdroid, no third party servers, just for myself. Some advice? You got own experience?

Friendica 2019.01 released
We are pleased to announce the availability of Friendica The Tazmans Flax-lily 2019.01, which bundles up our work since September 2018. This includes over 130 fixed issues and some exciting new features. If you are interested in all of them, please have a look at the CHANGELOG file.

Most noteworthy of these changes are:
  • Friendica does now natively support ActivityPub (AP) in addition to the DFRN, diaspora* and OStatus protocols. The AP functionality was tested with Hubzilla, Mastodon, Nextcloud Social, Osada, PeerTube, Pixelfed and Pleroma.
  • The configuration structure has changed again! Your old .htconfig.php and config/local.ini.php file will still work, but you will get a notification in the admin panel with some hopefully explaining text on how to convert your settings to the new config/local.config.php config file.
  • The manual and automatic installation process was enhanced.
Thanks everyone who has made this release possible. Your work is much appreciated!

Please note, that this will be the last version of Friendica supporting PHP 5.6.

How to Update

If you are updating from an older version then the 2018.09 release, please first update your Friendica instance to that version as there were several important changes in that version.

Please further note, that since Friendica 3.6 we use composer for dependency management. If you are updating via git, you have to remember to update the dependencies as well.

Pre-Update Procedures

Ensure that the last backup of your Friendica installation was done recently. While testing, we did not encounter problems, but better save than sorry.

Using the Archive files

If you had downloaded the source files in an archive file (zip or tar.gz) please download the current version of the archive from GitHub (friendica-full-2019.01.tar.bz2 and friendica-addons-2019.01.tar.gz and unpack it on your local computer.

As many files got deleted or moved around, please upload the unpacked files to a new directory on your server (say friendica_new) and copy over your existing configuration and .htaccess files. Afterwards rename your current Friendica directory (e.g. friendica) to friendica_old and friendica_new to friendica.

The files of the dependencies are included in the archive (make sure you are using the friendica-full-2019.01 archive), so you don’t have to worry about them.

Please be aware of the changes in the configuration format. You should follow the instructions linked from your admin panel as soon as possible to move your configuration to the new location.

Using git

Updating from the git repositories should only involve a pull from the Friendica core repository and addons repository. Remember to also update the dependencies with composer.
cd friendica
git pull
bin/composer.phar install
cd addon
git pull
If you want to switch the branch (e.g. if you helped testing the RC code) please do so after the pull using git checkout.

How to Contribute?

If you want to contribute to the project, you don’t need to have coding experience. There are a number of tasks listed in the issue tracker with the label “Junior Jobs” we think are good for new contributors. But you are by no means limited to these – if you find a solution to a problem (even a new one) please make a pull request at github or let us know in the development forum.

Contribution to Friendica is also not limited to coding. Any contribution to the documentation, the translation or advertisement materials is welcome or reporting a problem. You don’t need to deal with git(hub) or Transifex if you don’t like to. Just get in touch with us and we will get the materials to the appropriate places.

Thanks again everyone who helped making this release possible and have fun!

#Friendica #Fediverse #WeAreFamily #ActivityPup

@Melli305 @hoergen @catalina

Ich springe mal kurz in euren Beitrag.

Ich stimme euch zu. Es gibt eigentlich keinen anderen Begriff als #fediverse der in diesem Zusammenhang passt und ehrlich gesagt macht es auch gar keinen Sinn alternative Begriffe dafür zu suchen oder gar zz kreieren,


Friendica 2019.01 – I'm so excited 🎉

Tonight's the night we're gonna make it happen ❓
Tonight we'll put all other things aside
Give in this time and show your exaltation
We're going for those pleasures byte by byte

I want to love you, feel you
Wrap myself around you
I want to squeeze you, please you
I just can't get enough
And even if you're late you will be great 😂

I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it
I'm about to lose control and I think I like it
I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it
And I know, I know, I know, I know
I know I want you ⬇️

Very soon: Friendica 2019.01 release 🎉 🎈 😃


Lyrics derived from The Pointer Sisters

#friendica #release #soon #excitement #bestfriendicaever #fediverse #activitypub

Bei mir waren es einfach Account die sich nie eingeloggt haben, die habe ich zwischenzeitlich auch wieder gelöscht.
Bei einigen Accounts steht auch das die Nachrichten schreiben, aber keine der Nachrichten ist publik, nehme an das ist eine komische Einstellung bei #Friendica die per default für sorgt. So steht dort zwar immer etwas bei "Letzter Beitrag" aber sehen tut davon wahrscheinlich im #Fediverse kaum jemand was.

@Montag @尺丨匚卄卂尺ᗪ ist das bei euch auch so, dass bei "Letzter Beitrag" was steht, aber unter /community taucht nicht auf und auch beim jeweiligen Profil ist nichts zu sehen?

#Trunk is a great project I just learned about that helps new #fedizens (users of the #fediverse) find interesting people to follow and interact with. Trunk provides lists of users who have volunteered for this, sorted into topic categories like 'vegan' or 'furry' or 'horror':

Ich bin auf der Suche nach einem #Smartphone das drei Kriterien erfüllt:

- es muss gute #Lineage OS Unterstützung haben
- die Kamera muss ordentlich sein
- es muss wenigstens einen Front-speaker haben. Schöner wäre Front Stereo.

Hoffe hier auf #Crowdknowledge. Ihr dürft den Beitrag gerne teilen.

#frage #fediverse #followerpower

"Pinboard lets you bookmark from any browser, connect up to three Twitter accounts (and favorites), and sync with popular services like Instapaper or Pocket."

I wonder if we could convince Maciej Cegłowski to give users the option to choose three #fediverse accounts to link instead (or some of each)?

@kensanata I think this is currently the biggest shortcoming #Mastodon (#fediverse in general?) has. Mostly just the original poster sees the whole #thread. It creates a lot of duplicate comments etc. I'd prefer if the client would automatically fetch it for me when I expand the post.
It's why I open most posts via permalinks to see the whole threads from the source server. Being on a #single-user #instance, most posts I see have zero comments even after subscribing to all relays I've found.

Sehr schöner Beitrag, vielen Dank:
Hubzilla in der Dose
#Hubzilla #Federation #Föderation #Fediverse #Fediversum #RasPi #MiniZilla

Ein Motivations-Post für #Fediverse-Muffel: Gekommen, um zu bleiben. Gründe, jetzt das Fediverse zu betreten.

@bhaugen #SSB, like any distributed/ #P2P system, is perhaps more structurally resistant to capitalist domination than server-client systems based on publishing stuff to the web. But for many of the same reasons, it's much harder for Jo User to understand and use (and the #fediverse is already harder than #DataFarms). I mean, I haven't figured out how to install an SSB client myself yet ;-)

Dear folks from the #Fediverse, I must tell you that you are AWESOME!

Thanks to all the artists who played at #35c3!
Thanks to all the folks who helped collecting links to 35c3 recordings and even made it a beautifully formatted table.

Please add any links that may still be missing!

#35c3 #35c3mukke

Bin verunsichert! Die Anzahl der Leute hier in #Fediverse und #Föderation, welche ich persönlich kenne (also so richtige Menschen aus Fleisch und Blut und mit Gesicht), ist in einer Woche um Faktor 4 angestiegen.

Das wird mir unheimlich - ist ja schon Mainstream...


Ich finde es ja schon extrem #sexy wie einige #Anoxinon #Mitglieder im #Fediverse sich Kennzeichnen durch unser #Emoji im Namen. Ich hoffe das dass noch ein paar mehr werden. 😋

@thomas @cebeer @diekuh @angrytux