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The Body & Full of Hell - Ascending a Mountain of Heavy Light


Sick! Just sick! But I like it! 😍 You have to turn it loud until walls shake. 😌

#metal #music #crazy #thomasssicktasteofmusic
Trivium - Beyond Oblivion (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

#metal #music #doublebassMassage

YouTube: Trivium - Beyond Oblivion (OFFICIAL VIDEO) (Trivium)

Trivium's official music video for "Beyond Oblivion", from the album The Sin And The Sentence, available on Roadrunner Records. Get the album now: http://tri...
More #music #generator links: I remember trying to follow this tutorial "Generating accessible music with Clojure and Overtone (and a primer in Music theory)"
#Overtone is a #Clojure environment to talk to the #SuperCollider audio engine.

Tenor - Generating accessible music with Clojure and Overtone.

Tenor - Generating accessible music with Clojure and Overtone.
The 15 pairs of the current round of our Mastodon-based #musiccollab have about 6 more weeks to work on their songs - time flies! Did you know that we have a newsletter that you can sign up to to not miss the release?


A Whale's Lantern

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Heute Abend ein kleiner Elektro-Abstecher:

🎶 Voicians - Wolves


YouTube: Voicians - Wolves (Fixtmusic)

Voicians returns with the full-length album Wasteland. Featuring 16 tracks, ranging from heavy drum & bass, metal, atmospheric sci-fi to electronic-rock, Was...
Get awake with Gojira:

Gojira - Stranded

#metal #music

YouTube: Gojira - Stranded [OFFICIAL VIDEO] (Gojira)

Gojira's video for 'Stranded' from the album Magma, available now on Roadrunner Records: Directed by: Vincent Caldoni Subscribe: http...
The first time I heard "Misery's Crown" by "Dark Tranquillity" I wondered how the singer could sing while yawning all the time. That was how it sounded to me.

Fortunately he didn't keep this style of singing.

Btw. their latest album "Atoma" is their best in my opinion:

#metal #darktranquillity #music

YouTube: DARK TRANQUILLITY - Forward Momentum (OFFICIAL VIDEO) (Century Media Records)

DARK TRANQUILLITY - Forward Momentum (Official Video). Pre-order ATOMA here: CM Distro: Amazon: iTu...
... oh and don't forget Septicflesh. My favorite metal band from Greece!

Absolutely sick metal music mixed with dramatic classic music elements. Absolutely awesome!

#septicflesh #deathmetal #metal #music
The Dead Deads - Ghosts

#music #rock

YouTube: The Dead Deads - Ghosts [Sketches & Animation] Sneak Peek (The Dead Deads)

Enjoy the single "Ghosts" from the upcoming album Sketches and Animation, in this trippy thematic teaser created by Jay Wolf. Album drops January 26th, 2018 ...
🎶 4 Non Blondes - What´s Up (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli)

YESS! He did the song! I've always wanted a heavier version of "What's Up". And now there's heavy, crisp guitar sound and screaming in it.

🤘 😆

#metal #metaltip #music# cover #tip #leo

YouTube: 4 Non Blondes - What´s Up (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli) (Frog Leap Studios)

You can buy my albums or singles here: DIRECT FROM ME (LOSSLESS) ► ITUNES ► AMAZON ► GOO...
Throwing this out there for the different time of day crowd:

Hey Mastodontia: what is some of your favorite music? Any genre. Any language. I want to know it ALL!!!! 🎵 🎶 🎵 🎶 🎵 🎶

#music #recommendations #request

Public Image Ltd.

YouTube: Public Image Ltd. - The Order of Death (5eurocups2005)

:This track is from the 1984 album - This Is What You Want... This Is What You Get. Featured in 'Miami Vice' - episode "Little Miss Dangerous".
@Music & Vinyl #PIL #music
P.S.: Feel free to tell your musical friends who are not on mastodon about the collaboration project and send them the sign-up link - they're very welcome to join as well!
#MusicCollab #music #creativetoots
Just played aloud and approved "Kids" by MGMT #music #approval :-)


Kids, a song by MGMT on Spotify
Just played aloud and approved "Such Great Heights" by The Postal Service #music #approval :-)

Such Great Heights

Such Great Heights, a song by The Postal Service on Spotify
I'm reviving the #MusicCollab! If you'd like to try out collaborating in randomly assigned pairs with other lovely and creative music-making people, this might be for you. No genre, skill, or whatever restrictions.

Sign up here:

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🎶 Gojira - The Art of Dying

Freakin' catchy drums 🤘 😆

#metal #music
#Djent #Progressive #Metal

🎶 Andromida - Supernova

The lead guitar in the chorus is absolutely gorgeous! 🤘 😍

I listened to Andromida a lot when my grandfather died. Their music is dramatic but beautiful and gives an incredible amount of energy. Imagine an epic space energy/radiation storm while listening :-)

Does it djent? Yes, it does!

#music #tip

YouTube: Andromida - Supernova - NEW SINGLE 2016 // Djent / Progressive Metal (Andromida Official)

PRE - ORDER ALBUM: BUY SINGLE: Andromida is a one man progressiv...
Just played aloud and approved "ESC - Prins Thomas Diskomiks" by Lauer, Prins Thomas #music #approval :-)

ESC - Prins Thomas Diskomiks

ESC - Prins Thomas Diskomiks, a song by Lauer, Prins Thomas on Spotify
Just played aloud and approved "Happiness" by Superpitcher #music #approval @Music & Vinyl :-)


Happiness, a song by Superpitcher on Spotify
Yonder Mountain String Band - Alison #progressive #bluegrass !listening !music

YouTube: "Alison" - Yonder Mountain String Band - Telluride, CO (Yonder Mountain String Band)

"Alison" is a song off of Yonder Mountain String Band's album in the works that is scheduled to be released in early 2017. Produced by: CinemaRaven in Collab...
Charlie Parr - 1922 Blues #countryblues !listening !music

YouTube: Charlie Parr - 1922 Blues (Live on 89.3 The Current) (The Current)

Charlie Parr performs "1922 Blues" off his 2008 album '1922' live at the MPR booth at the 2015 Minnesota State Fair. Listen to the full performance and inter...
#nowplaying Shylmagoghnar - Life guitar and bass

Can't wait for the new album! :-) #metal #music

YouTube: Shylmagoghnar - Life guitar and bass (Instrumental Teaser) (Shylmagoghnar)

Here is a glimpse of the recording session for lead guitar and bass of the track "Life"; an instrumental ode to existence in all its beauty and hardship. Thi...
Versetzt mich immer wieder ins Erstaunen

YouTube: Paul Gilbert - Scarified (txerra)

#guitar #video #music
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