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BeitrΓ€ge die mit music getaggt sind

The KLF Is Making A People’s Pyramid From The Ashes Of Its Fans
The KLF has announced plans to build a People’s Pyramid from bricks made from the ashes of its fans.
The KLF Is Making A People’s Pyramid From The Ashes Of Its Fans
#Music #KLF

Well, damn. The Free Music Archive is going down. They will be up for at least a few more days, and are archiving with the Internet Archive. :cc:

#CreativeCommons #music #archiving #CulturalLoss

You too can have your own show on - any format - any content - just be creative and be reliable #live #stream #music @Curator

I'm looking at this folder with #music by The Cure on my work laptop and it just hit me that the albums go from 1979 to 2004, and some re-editions from 2005, and that's it. And now I feel old.

join #anonradio to get a shoutout by @snowdusk_ while streaming on #live #dj #art #mastoart #music

// aNONradio //: // aNONradio // | Streaming Now: DJ Damayanti – World Beat Culture (anonradio)

"SDF is seeking reliable and #creative DJs to have their own show on Do you wanna do it? send 'subscribe anonradio-l' in a message to and tell us about your #secret #plans #dj #live #music #mastoart ALL GENRES WELCOME" (STOLEN FROM @SDF 's birbsite 🤭🤭🤭💦 🐦🔥)

Cooles Stück! Das steckt an und da werde ich das Gerät doch mal wieder entstauben. #Electronic #music #sequencer @Klangwerk

i only knew like two songs from "Focus" as my dad recommended them to me - now listening to their music on Spotify for a while ... my honest recommendation, get some dutch progressive rock, folks! #music

My mom wants to stop jogging with her iPhone and get something smaller that does less but allows her to listen to music. I'm thinking Fitbit.

Do you guys have recommendation for a model that *stores* music files? She uses Google music but access to MP3s is possible. I'd rather not to use iTunes but I will if must.

#fitbit #music #iphone

Nothing clears the mind as running in the evening sun. No matter how short, no matter the view. Be it forest or trees, single trails or sidewalks. Running is a blessing and a meditation. Listen to the birds sing in spring or to the music playing in autumn. Everything is good with the air and earth and the sun and your feet. #running
Brought to you by Flogging Molly, Arcade Fire, some Kurdish music and Rebetika. #music

Rebetiko - Wikipedia

Rebetiko - Wikipedia

Sampling, art and lawyers
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Morgen gibt's die neue Scheibe von Mantar! Bin schon mega gespannt, die ersten Songs wussten durchaus zu überzeugen:
Seek + Forget -
Age of the Absurd -
Taurus -
#mantar #music #metal

YouTube: MANTAR - Seek + Forget (OFFICIAL VIDEO) (Nuclear Blast Records)

'The Modern Art Of Setting Ablaze'. Out Now. SUBSCRIBE to NUCLEAR BLAST: / SUBSCRIBE to MANTAR: New MANT...

SDF is seeking reliable and #creative DJs to have their own show on Do you wanna do it? send 'subscribe anonradio-l' in a message to and tell us about your #secret #plans #dj #live #music #mastoart ALL GENRES WELCOME

Ich bin zum x.Mal genervt von dem #lineage #music #player

Nun probiere ich gerade #odyssey

Hat jemand bessere Ideen?

Before I go on vacation (yes, finally!), I want to upload one new song but I don't know which one. The choices are:
1. Coral Dream
2. Dawn
3. Fairy Light
4. My Heart Resonates In Yours
5. Reflections
6. River Ghost
7. Spiraling
8. The Mountain
9. Your Light Shines

So I'll let you decide! Just tell me which one you'd like to hear and I'll upload it (unmastered demo version). #music #mastomusic #creativetoots

Does anyone here uses #bandcamp ?

Seems that I am only able to login when I reset my password. I think it is choking on one of my add-ons. But even if I turn them off I still can't log in through #firefox .

I installed #midori and did no configuration and it works.

#bugs #add-ons #music


Free-Photos – Pixabay – CC0 Creative Commons

#music #vinyl #photo

"Who can sail without wind?
Who can row without oars?
Who can part from their friend
Without shedding tears?

I can sail without wind
I can row without oars
But I cannot part from my friend
Without shedding tears:"



SoundCloud: Vem Kan Segla Förutan Vind (Cactus Flowers)

So, we just made a soundcloud account for my a capella singing trio, and we put two recordings from our last practice on it:

One is an English song by some dude from the 15th century, the other is a nordic folk song.

Aaaand.. we'll sing a few songs live on Tuesday in Berlin as part of a bigger choir concert (Zionskirche @ 8 PM).

#music #mastomusic #creativetoots

SoundCloud: Cactus Flowers (Cactus Flowers)

Yesterday I visited a record factory near my hometown. Was quite interesting. Here are some impressions:

#record #vinyl #music

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Vinyl factory near home.

heavily customized #mastodon for #music from pawoo: 😮

Pawoo Music

Pawoo Musicは、自分の音楽を投稿したり、好きな音楽をみんなで一緒に聴きながら、曲についてワイワイ談話する場。


I am a software developer and electronic music producer. I am interested in promoting a decentralised network for musicians and music enthusiasts.

I have created an instance for electronic music enthusiasts, and electro music makers at

This instance has open registration, and welcomes new participants.

#electro #music #introduction #introductions

Ich freue mich schon auf dieses neue Spielzeug. :-)

#turntable #plattenspieler #music #vinyl @Music & Vinyl

#np Amorphis - The Bee

#metal #music

YouTube: AMORPHIS - The Bee (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO) (Nuclear Blast Records)

The first tale from the new AMORPHIS album 'QUEEN OF TIME: / SUBSCRIBE to NUCLEAR BLAST YouTube: http://nblast.d...

The Body & Full of Hell - Ascending a Mountain of Heavy Light


Sick! Just sick! But I like it! 😍 You have to turn it loud until walls shake. 😌

#metal #music #crazy #thomasssicktasteofmusic

Trivium - Beyond Oblivion (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

#metal #music #doublebassMassage

YouTube: Trivium - Beyond Oblivion (OFFICIAL VIDEO) (Trivium)

Trivium's official music video for "Beyond Oblivion", from the album The Sin And The Sentence, available on Roadrunner Records. Get the album now: http://tri...

The 15 pairs of the current round of our Mastodon-based #musiccollab have about 6 more weeks to work on their songs - time flies! Did you know that we have a newsletter that you can sign up to to not miss the release?


A Whale's Lantern

A Whale's Lantern Email Forms

Heute Abend ein kleiner Elektro-Abstecher:

🎶 Voicians - Wolves


YouTube: Voicians - Wolves (Fixtmusic)

Voicians returns with the full-length album Wasteland. Featuring 16 tracks, ranging from heavy drum & bass, metal, atmospheric sci-fi to electronic-rock, Was...

Get awake with Gojira:

Gojira - Stranded

#metal #music

YouTube: Gojira - Stranded [OFFICIAL VIDEO] (Gojira)

Gojira's video for 'Stranded' from the album Magma, available now on Roadrunner Records: Directed by: Vincent Caldoni Subscribe: http...

The first time I heard "Misery's Crown" by "Dark Tranquillity" I wondered how the singer could sing while yawning all the time. That was how it sounded to me.

Fortunately he didn't keep this style of singing.

Btw. their latest album "Atoma" is their best in my opinion:

#metal #darktranquillity #music

YouTube: DARK TRANQUILLITY - Forward Momentum (OFFICIAL VIDEO) (Century Media Records)

DARK TRANQUILLITY - Forward Momentum (Official Video). Pre-order ATOMA here: CM Distro: Amazon: iTu...

... oh and don't forget Septicflesh. My favorite metal band from Greece!

Absolutely sick metal music mixed with dramatic classic music elements. Absolutely awesome!

#septicflesh #deathmetal #metal #music

The Dead Deads - Ghosts

#music #rock

YouTube: The Dead Deads - Ghosts [Sketches & Animation] Sneak Peek (The Dead Deads)

Enjoy the single "Ghosts" from the upcoming album Sketches and Animation, in this trippy thematic teaser created by Jay Wolf. Album drops January 26th, 2018 ...

🎶 4 Non Blondes - What´s Up (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli)

YESS! He did the song! I've always wanted a heavier version of "What's Up". And now there's heavy, crisp guitar sound and screaming in it.

🤘 😆

#metal #metaltip #music# cover #tip #leo

YouTube: 4 Non Blondes - What´s Up (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli) (Frog Leap Studios)

You can buy my albums or singles here: DIRECT FROM ME (LOSSLESS) ► ITUNES ► AMAZON ► GOO...

Throwing this out there for the different time of day crowd:

Hey Mastodontia: what is some of your favorite music? Any genre. Any language. I want to know it ALL!!!! 🎵 🎶 🎵 🎶 🎵 🎶

#music #recommendations #request

Just played aloud and approved "Such Great Heights" by The Postal Service #music #approval :-)

P.S.: Feel free to tell your musical friends who are not on mastodon about the collaboration project and send them the sign-up link - they're very welcome to join as well!
#MusicCollab #music #creativetoots