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@ekaitz_zarraga in the process of writing a #gopher client: "When software has few dependencies or no dependencies at all you have more control over the process of making it. People who code in popular programming languages have even more libraries than we need and it’s really hard to stop the temptation to use them." Thoughts I've had myself when I decided to write Gridmapper using Vanilla JS.

I'm not trying to flaunt my ignorance here—if I say something foolish, please tell me—but I remember in the company training on #programming #interview, Gayle Laakmann McDowell (author of Cracking the Coding Interview) said something like (paraph.)

‘Don’t ask too many data structures and algorithms questions, here's the max computer science knowledge to ask for: ArrayLists, hash tables, Trees, Linked Lists, Stacks, Queues, maybe heaps, tree balancing, topological sort, Djikstra's algorithm, …’

Taking notes about the classes I need to look at, using the shorthand notation of just using the capital letters of the various parts. Stuff like SDTTDMF and ADTAITB... People can rail as long as they want against short variable names, but let me tell you, when you have enough long class names, the difference turns out to be negligible.

@sushee If only all the devs that know about Design Patterns had read Christopher Alexander's The Timeless Way of Building...
#architecture #programming

A little 2018 personal technology retrospective:

I randomly decided to self-host a #BBS! This has spiraled into running www, gopher and gitea. It's only going to get worse.

I stopped denying my true identity as :amicheck: Amigan :amiga: and returned to my roots with a classic #Amiga A1200 and a next-gen #AmigaOne X5000. I have the bare bones of a Mastodon client running on #AROS. I returned to C #programming for kicks.

I learned more about port and host scanning than I ever expected (thanks $daygig)! I captured a few flags, had my mind blown at DEFCON, and buy locks from the hardware store for fun.

I bought music on CD and mp3 again. I killed my twitter account; I ghosted gmail and switched email provider. I killed my google+ account. I dumped WhatsApp and convinced most everyone to follow (just 2 more to go). My music and documents from are slowly migrating from Google Play, Docs and Drive.

I learned to love systemd and so can you.

Fight the power! :hacker: :heart_cyber:

#introductions just realised i haven't properly introduced myself.

i'm a #teenager who lives in #Australia. a member of the #tildeverse and who loves #programming. when i'm older i want to work in cyber-#security.

atm, i'm working on building up my #online presence while programming. eventually when i get stuff sorted out i'll have a site and #gopher hole at

hope to see you around!

so, my dad is a mechanical engineer and i've been thinking about doing some kind of formal conversation with him to see what software engineers and mechanical engineers have in common. best practices, approaches to technology, tackling new projects, that kind of thing. i'm gathering questions and pinging my networks for some ideas.

if you could sit down with an engineer, what would you ask?

retoots encouraged!

#programming #software #engineering #development #tech

Recreating the THX Deep Note · Earslap -

Amazing! 😲

#Thx #deepnote #sound #programming

@FediRun Rust
// my new bot that runs #code in your toots!
// 500+ #programming languages available via
fn main() {
println!("hi #rust / #rustlang pals, I hope you find this useful 💜 ");

Try It Online

Try It Online

Today new heat-sinks were tested.

Great measurements. Huge improvement compared with present arrangement. We'll show a lot of the work that's gone into injection moulding in TeamTalk 14.3

14.2 in next four or five days.

#opensource #openhardware #programming #filmmaking #linux

Hello! // Bonjour ! 👋

I never introduced myself but I already exist in the fediverse, here: @xenthreaded but this will now be my main.

I like to draw and paint but don't take enough time for it.

I am slowly trying to get back into reading, mostly #scifi but I can read whatever is good.

I also like #computers, #freesoftware and #programming (I'm learning #Rust). Hopefully, next year I should be able to call myself a #computerscience student.

Uh ... and I identify as a man.

Will I ever stop writing tiled tree generators?

My sketch-based generators don't do well with my spruce tileset, so I decided to try something else for it. Since the branches are all confined to single rows of tiles in this tileset, it means generating them programmatically is easy. I was even able to reuse code from an old tool I'd given up on.

#pixelart #programming

If ever you want more insight with respect to what's going on with the project, all of our channel comms are logged publicly here -

#opensource #FOSS #openhardware #Linux #Electronics #programming #cinematography #Coding

Wow, this person has made some AMAZING #opensource / #programming art:

My favorites are attached.

This is inspiring. There's certain beauty in simplicity both in design and implementation

#webdev #webdesign #ui #ux #programming #web

The Best Motherfucking Website

The Best Motherfucking Website

My colleagues want to work remotely and blame my corporation for banning that.

However, we 1) don't fill the bug tracker with descriptions/expected results/how to reproduce steps/etc... 2) we don't share progress on #slack 3) we don't write documentation on the wiki 4) we write meaningless commits.

I mean, I'm all for working remotely, but honestly speaking we are simply not ready yet. #RemoteWork isn't only about working from home.

#programming #development

What the fu** did I just watch

Program in C

#video #wtf #c #programming

YouTube: Program in C (Kaslai)

Someone in Discord linked to this tweet and I figured I'd take a stab at singing it in my totally not awful fake accent.

If every person who liked my #distributed #social #network on #ipfs ideas would invest 5 hours into #programming, we would have a running software at the end of february.

Donald E. Knuth: Der Informatik-Papst wird 80 #LaTeX #programming #email

Donald E. Knuth: Der Informatik-Papst wird 80

In den 60er-Jahren begann Donald E. Knuth ein Standardwerk der Informatik zu schreiben: The Art of Computer Programming. Das dauerte "etwas" länger als angenommen: Jetzt wird er 80 und schreibt noch immer.

Hey fediverse! Is anyone of you interested in #scheme or #lisp (or even #programming in general)?

I’m starting to work on the manual of CHICKEN Scheme’s upcoming major release.

Do you have anything you would love to see in a manual or tutorial introduction? Any input in welcome!

(boost if you want to help a cool open-source project 😇)